is cover oct13





Music produced in Skagaströnd, Iceland

Noah Jordan: samples, keyboards (17 tone sets), quena, flute, 17-tone guitar, found objects

Sound journey through Iceland in search of the 11th harmonic

Thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts and the NES Artist Residency for making this possible


Track/Tuning details:

  1. Spákonufell – 17ed2, Negri [9], Salinas [19]
  2. Hrafná – 17ed2 and free pitch
  3. Katlafjall – 17ed2
  4. Hverir – 17ed2, Pythagorean [17]
  5. Melrakkaslétta – Lovecraft [17]
  6. Hvítserkur – 17 tone Persian tuning set from Faras Almeer
  7. Landmannalaugar – 17ed2
  8. Vatnajökull – 17&24 [17], or Glacial [17]

Samples recorded at the places of their namesake, except Melrakkaslétta sheep recorded in Landmannalauger, and birds and shouts from Spákonufell recorded at Skagafjorður Lighthouse.

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