There is a conception of music that focuses on the infinitude of microcosm, a view on optimization that believes in the beauty of imperfect parts.  Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem shows the limitations of formal systems; this music shows the inter-relation between formal systems and their physical impossibilities.



Noah Jordan is a pianist, guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer, and theorist from Vancouver BC, Canada.  His interest is in microtonal music / alternate tuning systems. He has worked to date mostly with the tunings of 15, 17, 18, and 19 equal divisions of the octave, as well as various deviations of these and approaches to just intonation.

He studied mathematics and physics and Simon Fraser University, and Jazz Piano and Composition at Capilano University.  This leads to an approach of tuning from a mathematical point of view in scale design, but from a free-improvisation based approach in playing and composition.  His tuning approach varies from exact to aleatoric, including everywhere in the spectrum in between.

His projects include solo piano music and experimental music as Noah Dean Jordan, psychedelic-canadiana as Bad Canada, and previously the prog-jazz-rock outfit Redrick Sultan.

In the past years he has performed his music around Canada, Mexico, and the United States.  He has spoken at conferences in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (ICMM 2017), Mexico City, Mexico (MCM 2017), and Salzburg, Austria (Mikroton, Small is Beautiful 2017).

\ Noah’s solo piano work


\ Bad Canada (psychedelic – americana)


\ Jebidiah Springfield (microtonal experimental – electronic)



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