The Moon

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The Moon is an improvised work of solo piano performed on the 1/3 tone Sonido 13 piano designed by Julián Carrillo. This tuning system has also been called 18edo or 18ed2, signifying 18 equal divisions of the octave. This tuning has also been referred to as the “worst” equal tuning due to its inability to approximate just intervals, or ratios of small whole numbers. Carrillo did not fully believe in just intonation as the basis of harmony and instead took the whole-tone as a basis of division.  The Moon seeks not perfection in tuning as an aesthetic, but a journey into the sound of 18, the moon, life.


released May 25, 2017


Performed and Recorded by Noah Jordan at the Centro Carrillo in San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., México with the 1/3 tone Piano Metamorfeado (18ed2)

Mixed and Mastered by Noah Jordan, except How the Forest Speaks by Butch Fadera in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thanks to the Centro Carrillo and the Canada Council for the Arts for making this possible

Cover art by Noah Jordan, taken near the birthplace of Maestro Julián Carrillo in Ahualulco, S.L.P.


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