Sonido 13

To whom may be concerned,

The pianos of Sonido 13 have long been unmaintained, and are currently in a state of (mild) disrepair and are not in-tune.  In 2014, I spent 2 months in an investigation of the pianos and the collection is really only in need of minor repairs.  To restore the collection to original tuning and performance condition, a small team of a piano technician, a specialist in microtonal tunings (I could volunteer myself), and someone acquainted with the restoration of historical / cultural artefacts.  In my city of Vancouver, old pianos are abundant and I have worked on retuning pianos (including to microtonal tunings) which are twice the age of the Sonido 13 pianos; there is no reason that these pianos should not able to be played, for the works of Carrillo, and new works.  There is a growing international interest in the possibilities for such a collection.  It is a great shame that after the beginning of world recognition of the work of Carrillo, he died, leaving a majority of the pianos having never been performed in a concert setting.
So, I propose to you all that I can begin a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds needed to bring the pianos back to working condition.  I believe that $10,000 USD would be practical to raise, and also much much more than would actually be needed for this job.  What remains could be used as a call for scores, for works that use some of all of the pianos in the collection, and a performance / celebration / inauguration of the Sonido 13 collection.
I ask for your support, in writing of the restoration and reinauguration of the Sonido 13 pianos as a prequel to a fund-raising campaign.  I also ask for any advice or suggestions in this process, if differs from what I have proposed.  In the case in which you disagree that the pianos should be restored and played in the future, please leave me with reasons why.
All the best,
 Noah Jordan

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