Fenómenos Transitorios

Fenómenos Transitorios / Airplant This piece uses solo microtonal requinto tuned to just intonation. It is largely exploring justly tuned triadic harmony mixed with use of variants and tangents of the 7th harmonic. Frequency ratios such as 5/4, 3/2, 7/6, and 7/4 are employed. The labyrinth of just intonation is fully infinite, an each acousticContinue reading “Fenómenos Transitorios”

Tunings and Tarot

I had thought recently about the solo piano albums I made in the past, The Moon, and the Devil, both named after the Tarot card which corresponds to the number of tones peroctave in those works, which are 18 and 15 respectively.   There are 22 major arcana / tarot trumps (including 0, which canContinue reading “Tunings and Tarot”

November 13, 2018

“This is the next piece from the project, now titled: Formality vs Reality, with myself on 17-tone Rhodes and Dominic Conway on tenor saxophone.  This group name came from an early conversation between myself and Dominic about the deviances between notation, theory, and performance.  For example, in 12-tone systems, a notation will signify 12 differentContinue reading “November 13, 2018”

in-tune music and nomenclature

Since entering the world of microtonal music many years ago, I have found that there are many different perspectives on “what is microtonality”, “what is not microtonality”, and what other things we can this thing that some people are calling microtonality but hesitate because the word is not accurately describing the work they are doing.Continue reading “in-tune music and nomenclature”

notation of the future

hey all, if you want to get involved in the talk about how to describe microtonal music by notation, and all of the questions it entails, in terms of pedagogy, composition, novice introduction, reduction of essential mathematics, colours, symbols, patterns, what is easy, who knows what, what is important, and all of those fun topicsContinue reading “notation of the future”