Tunings and Tarot

I had thought recently about the solo piano albums I made in the past, The Moon, and the Devil, both named after the Tarot card which corresponds to the number of tones peroctave in those works, which are 18 and 15 respectively.   There are 22 major arcana / tarot trumps (including 0, which canContinue reading “Tunings and Tarot”

Motivation for Scale Construction

Recently I finished a recording for the first piano piece I was commission to perform.  It was called Persian Glances by Jesse Maw.  Hear it here (https://www.patreon.com/posts/persian-glances-17963263).  And check out some of Jesse’s other music too (jessemaw.com). The piece uses a scale generated by 3/2s and 7/4 (octave reduced 3rd and 7th harmonics).  On theContinue reading “Motivation for Scale Construction”