Los Dos Con Té


Los Dos Con Té is a collaboration with Tristan Milne (BRASS, HateCrimes).  We explore songwriting, or the idea of song in various manifestations.  We use two differently tuned guitars, one with 22 tones and one with 12, and explore ideas of cultural appropriation, and how this applies to music.  What music belongs to which people? As two mixed race people from Canada without access to records of family history, and thus, without a cultural heritage to call our own – this exploration is important for us.

The song “Hold On“, this version only available via Patreon at the moment (free unless you would like to donate), provides a simple chord progress which continues to loop the same through the choruses and verses. This piece allow for a dance between the 22 tone and the 12 tone systems between the two guitars.  Due to the nature of this chord progression in the 22tone system, certain notes tend to change places during different chords.


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