Interdisciplinary Collaborations

bone sculpture

This collaboration: Bone Saga, with Hadar Mitz (Israel), is in three parts.

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Fire

Each life of these creatures was ended naturally by the environment – each time we performed the resurrection.

Following this, Hadar and I collaborated on “Phoenix“, a visual and sonic representation of this process of death and rebirth.


je ne square

“Je ne serai pas sauvée“, with Maryse Andraos (Canada / Québec), is a collaboration of Maryse’s poetry from the remote Icelandic village of Skagaströnd, with soundscapes taken from the terrain of the peninsula and microtonal creations and syntheses.

Listen to: “Pensées du vent“, with samples from an 18tone piano.


This next piece: Superposición, is a to-be collaboration with Veronica A. Adaya (México).  It is exploring different aspect of superposition, intersection, borders, overlap, change through time – cultrally, physically, politically, sonically, artistically, disciplinarily.  Visual of the collaboration to come soon.

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