Solo Piano

Works with the 1/3 tone (18edo) piano of Julian Carrillo’s Sonido 13, droptuned 15 tone grand piano, and ratio generated tunings for piano modelling software.



Formality vs Reality

Formality vs Reality is a dialogue between saxophonist Dominic Conway and Noah Jordan playing a 17-tone modified Rhodes keyboard.

formality vs reality coverformality vs reality


Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Sound sculptures with Hadar Mitz (Israel), soundtrack to poetry of Maryse Andraos (Québec), Superposición (in-progress) with Veronica A. Adaya (México)

bone sculpture


Los Dos Con Té

Songwriting “porch-music” poly-microtonal collaboration with Tristan Milne (BRASS, HateCrimes)



Noah Nabora

Experimental microtonal hiphop with Nabora Carrillo (México)




Including Ís, an acousmatic work created in Skagaströnd, Iceland at the NES Artist Residency.

is cover oct13


Bad Canada

Bad Canada is a solo songwriting and recording project (with many collaborators and guests).

cactus no text no square


Redrick Sultan

fly as a kite