Solo Piano

Works with the 1/3 tone (18edo) piano of Julian Carrillo’s Sonido 13, a droptuned 15 tone grand piano, and ratio generated tunings with piano modelling software.



Formality vs Reality

Formality vs Reality is a dialogue between saxophonist Dominic Conway and Noah Jordan playing a 17-tone modified Rhodes keyboard.

formality vs reality coverformality vs reality


Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Sound sculptures with Hadar Mitz (Israel), soundtrack to poetry of Maryse Andraos (Québec), Superposición (in-progress) with Veronica A. Adaya (México)

bone sculpture


Los Dos Con Té

“Porch-music”, a poly-microtonal collaboration with Tristan Milne (BRASS, HateCrimes)



Noah Nabora

Experimental microtonal hiphop with Nabora Carrillo (México)




Including Ís: an acousmatic work created in Skagaströnd, Iceland at the NES Artist Residency.

is cover oct13


Bad Canada

Bad Canada is a solo songwriting and recording project (with many collaborators and guests).

cactus no text no square


Redrick Sultan

fly as a kite

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