Latest Works

Trace and Aura – a series of prepared piano works in Just Intonation with ceramic instruments created by Roxanne Nesbitt (2021)

Full album:


El jardin de senderos – a series of microtonal explorations with piano, requinto, jarana, and tambin flute

Among the dreams (23 limit just intonation)
Zahir, microtonal requinto (with Borders / Fronteras)
Tambin improvisation – Son los cantos que no son

Borders / Fronteras

Borders / Fronteras was born through collaboration with Tania Márquez, combining music, microtonality, bilingual poetry, photography, and video. The group explores the borders between the arts, between languages and polylinguality, the borders of tuning and microtonality, between photography and video, between the acoustic/analog and the digital, and the discourse of political, social, geographic, and economic borders in which we live. What do borders mean to us and how do we live them?

Bocanada (2022)
Altar de Arena (2022)
Esquemas de rituales y olvidos (2022)
Borders / Fronteras – Indigencia (2021)
Borders / Fronteras – Vertigo (2021)

Borders / Fronteras – Capilla 1 (Live in CDMX at Encuentro de Poesía Max Rojas 2021)
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