Motivation for Scale Construction

Recently I finished a recording for the first piano piece I was commission to perform.  It was called Persian Glances by Jesse Maw.  Hear it here (  And check out some of Jesse’s other music too ( The piece uses a scale generated by 3/2s and 7/4 (octave reduced 3rd and 7th harmonics).  On theContinue reading “Motivation for Scale Construction”

Instruments – Musicians – Chicken – Egg

So as the chicken was an ancestor to the dinosaur, so the egg predated the chicken, thus perhaps the vocal cords predated any intentional construction of a pitched instrument — though as natural sounds contain harmonic spectra, our control over pitch and timbre and faculty has been a growing endeavour. We hear often natural abilityContinue reading “Instruments – Musicians – Chicken – Egg”

Where does microtonality start?

In response to comments of David Dornig of Dsilton, “…That is certainly important to explain to people who think that microtonality is only valid, if you could not approximate it in 12EDO or meantone temperaments. But than we must ask, where dose “microtonality” start. Whats the reference? Can it be objective or is it onlyContinue reading “Where does microtonality start?”

Rant on Optimization and microtonal misconceptions

So I have found a train of comments of “microtonal” music that have a certain tendency, that while it is coming from a good place, I believe really just shares a different aesthetic of music than the goal of many composers with interest in tuning. I will try to explain these two points of view,Continue reading “Rant on Optimization and microtonal misconceptions”