Fenómenos Transitorios

Fenómenos Transitorios / Airplant

This piece uses solo microtonal requinto tuned to just intonation. It is largely exploring justly tuned triadic harmony mixed with use of variants and tangents of the 7th harmonic. Frequency ratios such as 5/4, 3/2, 7/6, and 7/4 are employed.

The labyrinth of just intonation is fully infinite, an each acoustic instrument must take into account its physical properties: its size, the relationship between keys or frets and the strings, and the natural resonances of the materials.

Collaborators: @noa.jordn @narrativas_nomadas @bordersfronteras

With bodysuit by @monettalingerie

#microtonalmusic #microtonal #harmony #armonio #resonance #resonancia #justintonation #sesiondefotos #danza #requinto #microtonalguitar #justintonation #sonido13 #7 #7thharmonic #harmonicseries

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