Moni en Teocelo

The birds were washing themselves in the bird bath, I had never seen it before, I thought it was a fountain, that they were all fountains, there are nearly ten of them. I have Revueltas’ el Apando on my knee and a beer in my bag, I’m waiting for a pandero in the Parque in Teocelo.  It’s a really beautiful day and I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a beer in the park by myself, it’s not really the activity that’s well associated, maybe with a book it’s better, especially a work of fiction by an important author, because I’m young and güero I can get away with more, there is a young girl with a Zapatista mask, the music turned off, ice cream music started from the other direction, the birds are making all sorts of noises from all directions, the honky tonk comes closer, what is it, Nieves, ice cream, we are still in North America

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