Llegó anoche

Hello everyone, happy quarantine

For a while now I’ve talked about doing pieces for the collection of the Sonido 13 pianos in San Luis Potosí.  Well, now I have an extra abundance of time and have started to explore some of the possibilities.

My eventual goal is to make a work for all 16 of the pianos (for reference sake they divide the tone into 1-16 parts, each piano tuned differently, making tones per octave to 96).

Just before the quarantine some steps were being made towards securing the permission for retuning the pianos, but the delay continues in another form.  But, ni modo, I want to start working on some pieces.

I decided that to get started I will focus on experiment experiment experiment.  These tunings are really not my go-to microtonal tunings, however, they do fascinate me for what they are and the possibilities which they offer.  Especially that they are all currently located in the same place — just if they can be tuned (which they can, the problem is bureaucratic it seems).

So, this first piece I will share (I began two other sketches last night at 4am), but this 3rd sketch which I will share, what inspired by reading Philip Glass’s biography (which I ended up with the Spanish version, having been in Mexico City, even though the original language is English which would be significantly easier for me to read, but I need the practice anyways..)..  And in the biography he spoke about a night spent with Alla Rakha in a trance playing the intersecting rhythms of 2 and 3 that for the nucleus of the tala.  It brought me into the rhythms of son jarocho and the music of Glass and of India of course and I decided to do myself a little sketch inspired by that.

Thanks for you support as always, especially in this challenging time it is greatly appreciated and immensely helpful.




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