Tunings and Tarot

I had thought recently about the solo piano albums I made in the past, The Moon, and the Devil, both named after the Tarot card which corresponds to the number of tones peroctave in those works, which are 18 and 15 respectively.


the moon tarot devil tarot

There are 22 major arcana / tarot trumps (including 0, which can be equated with 22 perhaps).  I was feeling slightly restricted because it would seem to me that the tunings more desirable to explore in this manner would be 12-24 and higher.  I realized upon pondering #1, the Magician / The Magus, how 1EDO could be conceived in this.  The root of concept is here: it is one division per octave.  On a piano, the detuning range seemed to be acceptable to drop an octave at any point, with a significant change of timbre.  The change in timbre is gradual between the conventionally tuned/tensioned string and the octave dropped one.  Dropping each octave on the piano to coincide with the root note/tuning note of the 1edo would be very practical and allow each of the 12 notes which will be in unison with each other to vary in timbre from one another.

the magician tarot

check out the Moon: https://noahdeanjordan.bandcamp.com/album/the-moon

Also, new 17-tone works on Patreon (for Rhodes and Tenor saxophone): https://patreon.com/noahjordansounds


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