two locrians

last week i posted a new tune on patreon called Cloud Rhyme featuring a locrian tuning (not that I stayed in that mode for a majority of the piece or anything)..  but you can hear it here:

and the tuning is as follows to make things easy.

19/18 (93.6¢),

95/81 (276¢) __ 5/3 * 19/27

4/3 (498¢)

7/5 (582.5¢)

128/81 (792.2¢) __ 2*2*2*2*2*2/ 3*3*3*3

16/9 (996.1¢)

2/1 (1200¢)


anyways, I was asked by Cam Taylor for a version in Pythagorean Locrian:


which shares only the fourth, b6 and b7

do these 3 different notes make an impact?  In what way?  Which ones and where?

Listen to this one here:


or alternatively, both are here:


sooom, many options

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